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Trenbolone Hexa - Parabolan

Trenbolone Hexa is also well known as Parabolan - one of the most powerful anabolic steroids of our time. Original Trenbolone with ether of hexahydrobenzilcarbonate was firstly made in France by a pharmaceutical company called Negma. In the profile of Trenbolone Hexa you will find a lot of useful information about its action.

It’s used now to gain muscle mass and for the incredible increase in straight. In addition to its huge effect as anabolic steroid, it also decreases the level of cortisol; burns fat and increases your appetite. Hexa is one of the long ethers so its action continues for 5-6 days after the last injection. Hexa is very popular among intermediate and professional athletes because it doesn’t aromatize which means that you shouldn’t worry about such side effect as gynecomastia.

So, if you have decided to buy Trenbolone Hexa than you are already looking for where you can buy it. And We can recommend you this website: There you can order Trenbolone Hexa online and pay for it with your credit card. It will save your time and your money from unwanted costs and only after a while you would have your already paid order.

Plus to that, you will be free to find Trenbolone Hexa cycles, dosage, side effects, reviews and, what is more important, some useful tips from the professional body builders for how you can use it to increase results without any ability of side effects appearance on this website. You can also order some additional anabolic steroids here, that you according to your cycle plan.

Trenbolone Hexa: cycle

Trenbolone Hexa has a medium half-life and because of that you need to inject it twice a week per 200 milligrams for each time. Duration of this course shouldn’t be longer than 8 weeks. Longer cycle can lead you to the side effects appearance. The perfect option for pure muscle growth will be 300-400 milligrams of Trenbolone Hexa per week for 8 weeks. Plus to that you should take 500 milligrams of Boldenone per week.

You should end your course with Testosterone Propionate for 2 weeks in dosage of 300 milligrams per week plus 40-50 milligrams of Stanozol per day. This course is very hard and will suit only the intermediate and professional body builders. For beginners it will be better to start with a solo course of Trenbolone Hexa in dosage of 200-300 milligrams per week for not longer than 8 weeks.

And, of course, you should keep in mind that Post Cycle Therapy is mandatory for you to do if your health is really important for you. Your PCT plan should start in 2 weeks after your cycle ends and include Clomid in dosage of 100 milligrams per first 5 days for each day and 50 milligrams per day for next 10 days.  

Parabolan: results

If you have decided to make Trenbolone cycle, than you should know, what results you will be able to get. This course will give you the maximum increase in lean body mass; maximum increase in power performance; increased level of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1; burning fat; it will increase your libido on the course and decrease cortisol level during the course.

Trenbolone H: side effects

Trenbolone is a very powerful steroid and with wrong use it can cause different diseases. If you will apply it in the wrong dosage or will increase the duration of the course, you could get: insomnia, high blood pressure, increased aggression, acne, boldness, oily skin and gynecomastia. In addition to that after the Trenbolone course your libido will decrease and your testicles could become smaller because of the decreased level of your own testosterone production.

To decrease or avoid these diseases, you could take Gonadotropin in the dosage of 500 milligrams per week (in cases of big dosage of Trenbolone Hexa) and Tamoxifen in dosage of 10 milligrams or Proviron in dosage of 25 milligrams per day during your Trenbolone cycle.

Tren H: reviews

Almost all users of Trenbolone Hexa were satisfied with the result they have achieved with the help of this medicine. But they have recommended this steroid only for veterans in bodybuilding because of its strong action. If you are looking for more reliable source of information that can prove our words, you should better find some articles about Trenbolone Hexa in such famous journals as Medicine and Science.

Everything depends on you and how your body will look like too. So don’t be lazy and become stronger with our help and you will see how can your life change with a little bit help.