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HCG - Gonadotropin

HCG - Gonadotropin

Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy by women. However, with urine this hormone is excreted unchanged. After that it is extracted, purified and used to create a medicine. Human chorionic gonadotropin has similar biological properties as luteinizing hormone (HCG or gonadotropin). The latter is formed in the pituitary gland of the human brain.

At first gonadotropin was used like food supplement but it didn’t bring big result. After it scientists have proven that gonadotropin bringsmuch better result in injections.

The injectable human chorionic gonadotropin is a dry substance enclosed in a vial (bottle). To this vial containing HCG hormone a vial with the liquid is attached, which is intended for dissolution of the drug. In most cases, the liquid substance is sodium chloride. The powder is very soluble. The resulting mixture should be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. When you don’t use the remainder of the total fluid it should be hermetically sealed in a container and put in the refrigerator. It is important to keep the powder of HCG in a dry, dark place at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees.

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It is supposed that using  human chorionic gonadotropin in bodybuilding anabolic purposes is not justified. In addition, its use can cause different health problems. The level of testosterone stimulation with the medicine is significantly lower than when using synthetic forms of testosterone, and side effects are much higher.

Side effect of gonadotropin are suppression of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, violation in the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes, gynecomastia, the appearance of acne, baldness or increased hairiness of the body, masculinization of women, increasing the size of the prostate.

Hcg for pct bodybuilding. Depending on the cycle of steroids and anabolicspctcan be divided into several group. If your course is not longer than 5-6 weeks then taking Hcg for pct is not necessary.

In the case of a longer use of anabolic steroids or steroids in large doses you need to take chorionic gonadotropin 2 times per week in an amount of 250-500 ME. If during the course HCG is not used, it is recommended to include it in the post-cycle therapy. On pctit is recommended to take 2000me dosage of the medicine. Injections should be taken every other day for 3 weeks.

For professional sportsmen, who almost continuously use anabolic steroids, it is recommended to includehcg in their course of preparation on a regular basis. After 5 weeks of preparation is a break for 1-2 weeks.

Hcg: reviews bodybuilding

The forums are full ofbodybuilders positive feedback on gonadotropin.Using it on the pct and during longer courses of anabolic steroids they all seem to be satisfied with their results. The  HCG is allowedonly for men. Chorionic gonadotropin does not apply to women's courses, and is not the right means to treat the effects of flavoring.

Negative comments about human chorionic gonadotropin can be found in small numbers, as it is rarely used in anabolic purposes. Typically, these are written by people who try to increase their muscles up to 10 kg per course only with the help of medicines and are not ready to train hard to become the best results.

So why people use hcg?

The main advantagethe use of gonadotropin in the course of anabolic steroids can give is its ability to prevent testicular atrophy. Don’t forget, that taking every medicine is some kind of danger and you should contact your doctor to be sure, that it will not harm your health much. So the health risk is minimized when the benefit from the drug is maximum. Also chorionic gonadotropin has the property to soften and eliminate some of the side effects of anabolic agents.

Don’t put your results in sport higher that your health. Choose the medicines of the highest quality and be sure, that they will help you to achieve your goals.